A Pattern of Melancholy… Eureka 😂

Emojis, can they go bye bye now????

When they told me, the VA psychology department, that I had clinical depression… I asked????

Why am I depressed???? No one could answer that question…

We had moved to Arkansas an I found out how fast being around my birth family wasn’t fun of any kind, except as a spy…. an I was constantly setting them up… they gave me loads of information….

So VA says you are depressed but we don’t know why….

Well we do now, don’t we… just wow on Fredas deprivations…..

Am I still depressed, I would say yes, as deep as it was before the memories started rolling in… NO…..

But whats the pattern… as I smell dinner sizzling… now where was I??? Oh yea the pattern… We all have a rhythm an mine has been bonkers since my 3rd hubby…Poor kid, menopause an a psycho, not a good sound relationship….

Since quitting hormones, quitting Levothyroxine… My body is finally in a rhythm… just like any woman would have, except the Air Force gave me menopause at 25 years old… I’m soon to be 66…. beyond sighs…

college educated does not make smart an my medical records prove that in every form….

Sgt USAF DAV… I remember….but hurrahs for body rhythm….

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