Violate Policy, Laws & Bible… but Ignore Humanity???

I openly and totally admit I am a bigot to any religion or religious beliefs…

Imaginary friends we talk to in our heads, should have gone the way of Dino by the age of 9, 10…. when, you know that Santa isn’t real and god is just a tool your parents used to control you… just like the leaders of the world have done for centuries… It’s not about faith… it’s about who had the best snake oil… and right now Muslims and christians are selling it by the boat load….

When the guy on CNN said the cops violate policy and don’t get punished??? HELLO???!!!!

What about a christian who takes the vows of priest and rapes children… What about the Mormon church having off shore banking to avoid tax’s and laws??? How about Muslims telling women their value is only what they say their value is, and not the woman valuing herself???

Our own president violates policy, in fact, he breaks laws and does it all in the name of your mans god… how about those apples… can you afford apples right now???

Policy is only as good as the enforcement… which is why America’s military is A-political… active duty don’t have an opinion and if they do… it’s in private… but that vote… oh THAT VOTE… speaks volumes from our military… I know, I’m a veteran…

The bible says so much bull shit an contradicts it self repeatedly and convinces you the rape of a “CHILD” called Mary was magical… only one creature on this planet can get pregnant without mating, and it isn’t human… and first and foremost… even your bible says it… Mary was human… smoke and mirrors don’t make for truth… Look at Trump and Evangelicals and Roe versus Wade… bought and paid for by corrupt christians…

So my blog is painful to read… Truth is painful… but you’ll read a bible that is nothing but rape, murder, incest, bigomy, adultery… but you won’t read my story…

Lady, I’m not the bigot… You are…

Margie, will be remembered, by those brave enough to stand up for human rights and bury the gods that man wants to use to control my reproductive rights…

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