VA death care… strikes again…

I told that doctor not to mess with the lower partial and he did, in January… an the pandemic hit and no dentist to see to get the partial put back the way it was so I have lower teeth to chew with… remember, they already removed all the upper but 3 and I haven’t any way to eat… because that partial just went in my mouth and almost gone thrown across the room by my yanking the damn thing out of my mouth… it injured the lingual of my mandible again…. I’m starving and have no way to eat, because I don’t have junk in my house, so everything has to be cooked!!!!

And I’m STARVING!!!!

Ya know If I want a granma bikini body, I’ll work on it my own… and Not by straving myself to death!!!!!

Hubby called Oahu about a month ago… nada, not a word… and Veterans have value in America????

Could have fooled me!!!

So far, everything I hoped for… the down fall of Trump, the disintegration of religion by it’s own hand, Roe, bought and paid for… to sad and typical… the rich, finding out the American people aren’t interested, unless the rich are buying and since you aren’t, neither are we…. the GOP and it’s ugly handling of the rape of Professor Ford by Judge Kavanaugh… oh seeing him stripped of his robes will be ever so sweet, the man is sick and will do harm…

All that I hoped for…. and remembering too…. that bucket of shit Freda says I fall into, sure smells like Roses to me….

Truth has value… The American people do not care about veterans or women would be getting the care they earned… Raped in uniform, and raped out of uniform… same government… same American people…

Change is what you are fighting for….

Being heard is all I ever asked…. my story is to difficult to read… but the bible isn’t??? It’s more violent than anything I wrote….

Bigotry and censorship all in the guise of a man made religion who’s center has collapsed….

Yep, I got everything I wished for and then some….

Margie… and I hope I never forget….

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