Told ya so…

The article is about a mild steroid… ya know anti inflammatory type drug…

Remember I wrote in Feb I think, that is what we take and have for about ten years plus….

Anti inflammatory spices an supplements…. Bioastin, Krill, CoQ10, Tumeric on all our cooked food… no alcohol or cigs an we get moderate exercise…

Like I said, IF I am right an this virus has been around longer than thought, thats what protects us… We reduced the inflammatory disease we live with an in turn when we got sick in Dec… our stint was not near as bad as it could have been…

Ours is a lifestyle choice, for longevity an quality of life… we watched too many die early an needlessly… we intend to use all our time on earth… you only get one chance unless like me you got nine lives… I’ve used two, seven more to go….


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