Spinal cord injury in kids….


So, this write talks about the ages of when kids get spinal cord injury an the age those injuries are usually sustained an how they can happen…

This just backs my thought it was Texas, Big Springs 1967 when I sustained a spinal cord injury an knowing that was when the TBI an stroke happened, I will request a brain stem MRI if its warranted… an a Spinal cord MRI to look for a old injury, I guess they can detect them… Hope medicare isn’t to stingy on this…

This just means it was worse than I thought an explains why they thought I wouldn’t remember… its rare for a brain stem injury to remember all of the incident… an I am ever so curious…. because imagine, if not for the injury, what could I have achieved, if christians hadn’t stolen my life??? yep curious, am I on the right track…

Read enough today… Lights installed, fan moved… dinner ready for the next two days an tomorrow, pups get to explore the bigger yard… yep we tired….

Margie, I remember….

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