Letting go of the Head Fake….

Ever hear of the “head fake”… Dr. Oz has used the wording for his show…a show I won’t watch… he went too commercial and left the real science in the garbage…so I pass on the Dr. Oz… he’s a christian and that is 100 strikes against him already… He believes rape is magical… yep you can’t fix stupid, even for a celeb….

Yesterday was not fun and in reality I expected it… just not through our daughter… honest what happen to confronting the person you want answers from??? I did!!!! So what’s your excuse??? Did you get beaten to death by christians too???

Religion has taken our ability to be honest with each other, because we speculate on what the other person is thinking… instead of ASKING!!!!

I’ve never been for fake relationships, not even blood… Be it my own children, my step daughter, grandkids or my mother… I don’t waste time playing nice, I tell it like it is and don’t beat around the bush… that’s a christian tactic and not a healthy one…

Loving people is the easiet thing on earth, it’s an emotion and it’s one you can chose to use or turn off.. but do you know how and did man’s god get in your head instead and tell you how to feel, instead of you listening to your feelings?????

Now, like a person…. hm… liking people is not the easy way to go… to like someone, you have to tolerate their quirks and little crazy traits and with me, you have to tolerate honesty and if you are thin skin… well, you’ll leave my home a little thicker…. skinned…..

When hubby’s dad got married, we were living in Arkansas, flat broke from bankruptcy and trying to get back on our feet after our properties were trashed and not worth repairing… so we walked away from my retirement investment and started over… want to know who trashed my investments??? and we got nada, no apology, nothing… 20 years of federal work and I would own that property out right, at this point in time… I shake my head at what they did to us… our kids…

The family, oh the family… the sister angry, because we didn’t sit in the hospital with mom… not bothering to take into consideration we may have had a reason… Me I didn’t remember… the son of the mother… it was his choice… I was along for the ride, yet got judged…

I’m so over christians forgetting they are born human with human emotions that aren’t just specific to themselves…

Do you realize how many times I have told people I don’t do hugs or hand shakes and they ignore me and do them to me anyway… and the pain is hours long later from their touch….

Christians…they don’t listen, because it’s all about doing what they want, thinking the way they want and ignoring the humanity that is not included in christianity….. how much more suffering for your made up friend in your head???? How much more????

Trump uses the god for his agenda, evangelicals use the god to control women’s reproductive rights, because some bitch couldn’t handle her own choices when it came to sex…. boo hoo to her…. go see a shrink!!!!

So yep, yesterday was not fun… We did what we thought was right and appropriate for the moment in time when dad was sick and I cooked so much in that little 5th wheel for his household… or the tens of thousands it costs us to leave our home in Arkansas or New Mexico and travel to Washington state to be with the parents who were dying… money I didn’t have… but it was the right thing to do… show our respect, though they showed us little to none…

Yep religion will fuck up more lives, cost more lives and money… than any war on the planet… and that kiddos is a fact so well documented in history, it amazes me any of you believe in mans god….

Just a FYI, that ancestry I told you about, it goes back to 100AD, Holy Roman Emperor’s… yep, my 40th something granpa….

And I’m the only one not brainwashed into believing Mary was made pregnant by magic and faces the reality that man and woman on this planet have glorified rape…. and worship rape, like all idols….

Yesterday was made uncomfortable, because the other person made assumptions about the relationship… from our point of view… we did all the appropriate things you would do, when life ends and support is warranted…

We never got that kind of support in our household and none of them came to help and still haven’t…so yep, religion shows your true colors and your ugly side…

Margie, Survivor of rape and murder by christians, the only evil on earth…. Sgt. USAF DAV

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