Is Truth Meant to Be???

Uncomfortable??? Have you thought about what Truth really is???

What happened yesterday and what I was told, since I have a hard time seeing small… my story made someone so uncomfortable they couldn’t read it… is that a compliment??? Truth was told, but you can’t read it???

If the bible is truth??? How can you read of rape, incest, murder, theft, hate, greed, envy… everything you would find in a crappy romance paperback… which I did read my fair share, so I do know one or two or three……….

When someone does this to me, I sit back and tear it apart… I’m just that damn curious why reality is so ugly to you??? and most of all what did you do in your lifetime that you feel you have to punish yourself forever by not living in reality by buying your way into mans so called heaven… just a FYI… my little acre is Heaven… and I saw hell, so, don’t know what to tell ya…

Truth… Truth is I did what I did for Mikes parents, because I knew he had some kind of family I never had and no matter how hard I worked to help out, it wasn’t enough… judge, sheriff, jury…. executioner… my story is difficult to read, but the bible isn’t…

Okay gang on this one… I’m either going to have to get good an fried and just hash the crap out of this or accept… it still wasn’t good enough… and move on…

Right here, right now… this just a good moment in time, because I grew and others didn’t… not pride… I don’t need pride to feel good about myself…

I just have to believe in me and live by truth… when you do, games like yesterday, rarely happen and they go on, not knowing how much you really do know about the quality of the person who chose a god over me…..

Yep, the last few weeks have been, refreshing in so many ways….

Margie… I will always remember…..

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