Don’t look into the LIGHT!!!

This WP app is cumbersome…

We bought new lights, because we planned to replace all the ceiling fans, because we had planned to add a new split AC for the bedrooms… so I bought these lights… notice anything??? They are LED….

Hubby got one fan down and hung the new light and before securing it and putting the dome cover on, we checked to make sure wiring was correct and the light worked…

Well, after less than 1 second, it was can you see anything and all either one of us could see, to round rings of led lights…

Suggestion, if you hang one of these….

Wear sunglass’s….

Took us a good minute, before we got our vision back… That light is great for my kitchen, but the office, is going to feel like a hospital… oooops… think I might need a lower wattage on the next one…

Margie, I remember… don’t look into the lights…. bad idea…

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