WP you didn’t make it better…

I was going to write and this goofy lap top says update for WP, so I say okay and boy was that a stupid idea!!!

Crap pops up I got no clue about, it was like a deer in the headlights moment and now… all that is going to happen…

The laptop is getting powered down and I have a headache, because this application over whelmed my sensory at that moment…

This is why I dislike the Iphone and Ipad… this is why I use so very few apps… only what I need, nothing else… no BS or junk…

So thank you WP… you just messed up the write I was going to do….

Now I don’t want to turn my PC on, afraid it’s going to do the same damn thing… honest, these kids have as much of a clue as Trump and that’s not saying much….

Good night…

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