The TBI & Amnesia Journey is in a quagmire???

Did I spell that right… still no clue where spell check is, found it once and lost it again… it just don’t stick, if it’s not of interest, even though I could probably make use of spell check… sort of…. with the way I write, I got a feeling, no algorithm is going to figure me out…

Memories… wow, for once in my short time on earth… they don’t hurt… and they are coming to me more freely and majority of the time, they play out without having to repeat… it starts… the memory that is and all of a sudden I’m reliving that moment in time… it’s like that movie Christopher Reeve did, when he moved through time… it’s spooky and total geek fun….

Today, showed me, progress in ways that I had only dreamed of, when I got my memory trigger Nov 5, 2017…. 26 people died and I got my memories.. not a fair exchange in any way… an a heavy burden… their lives taken, gave me mine back…

But today showed me and it’s been happening more and more… the chemical reaction in the brain has changed and instead of the go to reaction… I problem solve it and then go for it… like today… the old me… the confident, self assured me…

Like I keep telling you, TBI changes us forever… and I do miss the little girl that was stolen on more than one occasion… but all I can do, is set her free….

So progress it is and recognizing other physical changes, since stopping the thyroid drug… my body is finally getting into the rhytm it should have been in naturally… and that feels oh so good and hubby will be grateful… the crabby cycle is about gone… now that the body is free of mans drug… Levothyroxine, the only drug I know of that can control women…. and that is a fact…

Vision, well crappola… something is wrong with the left eye and what the laser did, didn’t resolve it… so, this could be gunk behind the implanted lens or it could be an old injury that is just now being recognized… we caught all the others in the last couple years, one on my eyes, wouldn’t surprise… my head was a punching bag….

PT… I forgot how sore the thighs can be… and oh boy are they… my only consulation… hubby is next and he’ll be groaning along side me… so it’s all fair…. and working… neck feels much more stable… spinal cord injury… still got me boggled on that diagnosis… explains lots, but it will take my brain some time to digest, they were that evil and hateful…. it is what it is….

Room hot, long day over…. have a good one…

Margie, I remember….

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