Not Suicide and Not Strangulation….

I am so ready to do anything but this… truly I am… I miss thinking about stories I would write or doing something I enjoy… instead my day is bombarded by memories… and worse of all puzzles…

According to the science and I have had my throat scoped twice in the last 15 years, so I know this for a fact… I have damage, but not the kind that would indicate hanging by suicide or someone killing me by strangulation…

Doesn’t mean the strangling over the boob incident didn’t happen, the picture shows the bruises and hand prints on my little neck…. such nice christians…

So I do have to rule out the spinal cord injury prior to this time and I say that with confidence…. I played in the abandon industrial park and took risks only tomboys take and loved every minute of it… pass on girl toys any day back then… no the boob incident was the Bay of Pigs time frame, it did cost me… what ever did happen, it cost me in about a years worth of memories…. last night watching Smitsonian, they talked about JFK dying and I looked up Bay of Pigs and the time line worked for the memory…. I had a near death, because my mother was embarassed… such Vain christians…

So we go from 4th grade all the way to high school on Japan…. and this is when the PTSD comes into play, in a small way, anymore….

My guess, between Texas with the TBI and Japan with being slung around like a rag doll… that’s when the spinal cord injury happened….

I remember telling dentist as early as 17 years old about numbness in my face and certain parts of my lips…. I also had to compensate for some mild weakness and I had some foot drop, which I actually learned to hide, because I wanted to be seen as normal… now that is an odd memory… just now…

Want to go on a midnight ride to outter limits… jump into my brain, it’s never ending….

I got questions… can a high fever, irritate the injury… can improper posture and normal activities irritate or trigger an issue, can some one shaking me, make it worse, can a fall or someone in a operating room placing my neck in a bad position for me…. could all of that have happened????

I lived it, so I got to say, yea, it can… I remember on Japan this last time in the 80’s, I fell when we were camping and my adopted once upon sis, bandage it for me, it was a bad enough cut on my chin I needed stitches and that fall…. jammed my head back and the PT kid, said that was the worse thing I could do to myself or by injury…. I had to crawl onto a lawn chair and let everyone else break camp and took a nap trying to stop the world from spinning… so yea… I can cause problems with that injury to this very day… did it yesterday when I did what PT told me not too and I almost passed out… so yep…

The spinal cord injury happened between Big Springs, Texas 1967 to our arrival on Japan in 1968…. in that year of 365 days….

My father Don Bagwell beat me to death, left me with a traumatic brain injury, a stroke and a spinal cord injury….

And you are going to tell me christians like Trump and Kavanaugh are good people????????

Boy you don’t want to know the words that just went through my mind in 3 languages… kid you not, I nearly busted out laughing that I remembered them… now I got a headache…..

Time lines are narrowing down to making sense and the scenes showing the actions of all involed…… play out like a video game…. as if it was yesterday….

Margie, I remember……

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