I know, or do I???

One issue that has me confused, my feet an when the spinal cord injury happened….

If I go with this memory, the spinal cord was injured in Texas an I’m wondering if it was a Brain Stem injury????? More reading today….

My feet were normal before Texas…no high arch or issues… After Texas, that changed an memories tell me of issues that arose after Texas an you add the beating less than a year later on Japan… just holy crap on a cracker eureka kind of moment…. I am remembering the crime of attempted murder…

Ever wonder why my family has no contact with me??? Texas has NO moratorium on 2nd degree assault, which is what mine would be classed as… an mommy dearest could end up in jail if I press charges…… now ya get it, her voodoo is powerful… but the truth will prevail….

Need to go walk my mile an see if this gels into more memories… Never got this close to the actual assault, which goes hand in hand with TBI, if you can remember the before, during an after…you are lucky, beyond belief… My brain injuries are text book….


Margie, I remember….

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