Descendant of the Founders…..

This article talks about a poll that was done about how proud people are or are not to be American…

I descend from the first people, that were setting foot on American soil… Pilgrims, Frontiersman, Presidents an Vice President, Governor’s, Mayors, King an Queens, all the way back to Roman emperors …..

I do wonder what my ancestors would think… more to be shocked by our dress code an hair than anything else an if you truly know history, you see when christians changed the game an used fear….

I see what happened to Americas values because of one thing only…. Religion…. blind faith, idol worshipping on a epic scale an snake oil so poisonous, it burns by words alone…..

People want America back??? It was founded on DEMOCRACY, not mans made up gods an idols…

America is real, you live in it, on it, surrounded by it… you can touch it, hear it and feel it… you cannot do that with mans gods….

Sgt USAF DAV, descendant….

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