American Reforms….???

Just a thought, but if Americans are going to reform policing in America for its corruption an quick judgement of condemnation…. how about ????

Reforming religion??? Rape is the number one crime in christianity…. Theft is the 2nd big crime in christianity…. Adultery is the 3rd crime in christianity… envy is the 4th crime… need I go on for real????

So bigots, of all colors… if you are going to reform our police in America…you need to take on the true crime in America…. RELIGION….. no???? Really you gonna double down like Trumpie an Kavanaugh????? Really???

Well ain’t that howdy doodey time on true crime in America… Religion…the root of all evil… Mans man made gods….

You can’t fix stupid…. I tried an had a hell of a time getting my foot out of that dumb ass….

Margie…. I wish I didn’t remember….but boy do I laugh at you a lot….

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