After being in public… STRIP!!!

We go out in public, be it doctors or groceries or what ever… As soon as we get home an get unloaded, we are stripping into fresh clothes….we wash our hands an throw our masks into the laundry… That evening, we make sure to wash thoroughly, including my waist length hair… Our shopping bags an anything we had out in public gets washed and disinfectant…….we also disinfectant our vehicles on the inside… anything we touched… We carry lysol spray an Clorox wipes in our rigs…

You are going to see stupid out in public with no masks… Thats your first clue the person is mentally ill, if they spout scriptures an other bull shit, YOU KNOW they be nut bags….

This is our new normal an no one is going to protect you, only you can protect yourself….

So either be pro active or crawl back up your gods twats an hide, either way… survival is up to you an not mans gods or earths virus…

Margie, I remember….

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