Their Hate was Great….

I remember…. being taken to school and because I had missed so much school I had to have my temperature taken… as I lay on the table, barely 6 years old, I looked up at daddy and said… I’m being a good girl, as I raised my broken wrist, with it’s broken little finger and had bruises that covered my body… I told my dad, I was being good, so I wouldn’t be beaten again for telling the truth….

A memory, no child should have, but I have a great grand son who will have one that is similar, we watched the abuse live an mentioned it and got justification… a christian excuse to do harm, because being an adult is to much work… but the sex to have the kid was so easy peasy… wasn’t it????

That beating I just mentioned, was over my sister who was born and had a cyst on her ovary and it made her grow fast and full…. and we were intervied on a childrens TV show and it scared her, being the older sister I tried to protect her so I told the man the truth…

I found out later, how important truth meant to christians….

That little finger is still broken 60 years later…

Why Don & Freda Bagwell hated me, a child that was born to them???… created in the image of the god they worshiped… but I would suffer because they couldn’t break me…. could they Peggy???

Envy and hate, bigotry in my own parents home… Air Force family that lived a lie and so much bigotry to anyone not of the same color and eyes…. they were to be feared….

Yep, it’s real funny how these memories creep in at the oddest moments….

I was fixing our supper….

Aloha, Margie, I remember….

I think they feared the truth… like all christians do…

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