Shaken baby syndrome….

As long as I can remember… and I stood outside that old car, after Tiny got married and was stomping my legs and kept saying they hurt and granny said, those are just growing pains…. they weren’t…. I want to place my age around 8 at the time….

When I looked at the MRI of my brain, to me it looked weird, but dental is my field, so I knew how to look for mass or lesions or plaques… but could I tell if I had shaken baby syndrome???

They say the brain will shrink just a tad bit, if you have that condition… Not sure I know that to be true… when you are reading as much as I am, things will get merged, until my brain puts them in files… honest that’s how I see things… in files…

The neck has me boggled, but shaken baby makes sense for the spinal cord injury, but does it….

I told hubby last night as I touched my right temple and said… that area of my head has always been numb… now has it been that way since Texas or did it happen in Alabama or was it Japan??? I would lean towards Texas, that one gives me a flash of memory of being picked up and thrown against a door or wall or door jam…. again, not firm memory, but that was a TBI moment…

Every time I sit down and think, okay, now I got the whole story, we can put it all together and get the book done……….

and memories come waltzing in…… I need a vacation…. do you realize, this has been going on since Nov 2017, when the memory trigger happened because of those murders in Sutherland Springs, Texas….. I’m tired… truly tired…

It would seem I still have more to discover, before I can start throwing all this together into Margie’s story….yep, I’m tired……. I really am…

Things are coming together, answers are being given… finally after all these years… answers…

What they say is true… if it’s worth fighting for, it’s worth working for… I hope you kids succeed in changing the laws in America…. I too would like justice…but expect none…..

Margie… I remember….

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