HELP!!! I need somebody’s help….

Beatles fan… I like some of Pauls work… but music and I, love hate relationship….

Decisions, decisions…

I have read so many papaers from JAMA, UK, Japan and on and on… pertaining to the Covid virus, hubby’s RA & Heart disease, Neurology, Psychology and now dental implants and I feel like my head is going to explode… it doesn’t know what subject to explore first in more detail…. so prioritize….

Neuro has me covered on the brain and central nervous system… doc has my medical covered, PT has my mobility and quality of life covered and as far as the COVID goes… just wow on all the crap to weed through and get to the real stuff… which is why we aren’t moving any time soon…

Now the dental implants… I have beaten this subject to death since I saw the surgeon the first of the month…. and his reassurance about the pure titanium didn’t convince me… the kid is good and I trust him, he’s got 2 degrees in medicine and denistry… and he’s done other work on me… so trust, huge…. but the allergy…

So I trashed the subject with hubby and in my brain… went back over all the family I knew that had hip or knee replacements and if they had issues… never heard about lil bro and his dental implants, so no clue their…. so now what???

I dug into the surgical removal of dental implants if they fail and what they classify as failure…. and it takes a specialist to remove the implant… not much different from the oral surgeries I assisted on…

So reality check…. UGH!!!!!! I hate these!!!!

The implants are up to me… if the MRI clip is causing an allergy issue, am I positive and I’m not… because I remember having pain in that breast long before the MRI clip was put in… and making my choice based on a memory that’s not firm… not smart…

I have no laison between me and the VA, just the senator’s office… I won’t use the Hilo VA, I have had enough rude, vulgar behavior from federal employees…. I’ll use my medicare… that being said… I did stress to the surgeon, it could be in everyone’s best interest to test me for the allergy, we know base metal is a true allergy for me, but not sure on pure Titanium….

I’ll just have to sit back and wait, deal with the oral pain the VA seems to enjoy making me suffer with for 10 years now… and hope the virus doesn’t impact my procedures and the treatment plan is not years, but wham bam thank you mam, so that it’s all done, by the end of next year… but I’m betting 2022, before they are truly finished and we can leave here….

I fought for this, I can’t run from it now… I just want assurances… they aren’t going to give me more pain to live with…. 66 years of non stop pain… I don’t need new pain on top of that….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember, Margie…..

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