FYI History about Japan…

Did you know the Japanese were spying on us in our own country as early as the 1920’s???

Did you know they continued to spy on America an its infrastructure till the bombing of Pearl Harbor???

Over twenty years of espionage an we are suppose to feel for those that got put in camps on American soil, after twenty plus years of spying????

Did you know any of this???

I have family that married into the family, that were asian…. I have no bigotry or hate to any humans except christians….

So before you go out an protest about people being locked up for what ever reason… KNOW the history an truth behind it…

Not mans fabricated truth like christians do, but the actual truth….

Because if you act on gossip, you are no better than the christian called Kavanaugh who raped a woman an lied to become a supreme court judge or you will be like Trump a christian that conned a nation, just for profit, saying women were property an not individual……

History has favorites only with the liars, an they are always found out… what side of history do you want to be on????


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