Automaton or Human, which are you???

Trump is neither human or automaton…. he is just a crook an con….

All religions an cults are nothing more than words people used to manipulate the weak minded… I mean get real, Trumps spiritual advisor wants you to donate money for her FEET??? REALLY???

An mans god needs big buildings an tons of money, because mans god has to have a gold throne to shit on???

Damn I thought that was exactly what earth was for, for the cons to shit on????

Can you produce your god??? Can you shake hands, touch, feel or see your god??? Oh let me guess you have to have “blind faith”…..

You can’t fix stupid, you, an only you have to want the blue pill for reality or red pill for the hate an bigotry of religion…

Blue pill in our house, along with flu shots an anything we need to take down the ignorant an stupid who believe platforms like face book… ie our kids… yep, close we will never be, when they believe gossip over me an they do… makes my checking account stay fat…

Our thoughts on moving is not any place close to our kids, they chose gossip to believe an we have a right to live, not die because our kids believe vaccines are dangerous…honest you can’t fix stupid, even blood….so west coast is our shopping ground, but it could be anyplace, nothing written in stone except mans lies about gods….an vaccines…

Margie, I remember….

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