Are YOU a Proud Liar????

Sleep, the body is tired an sleeping, but yesterday I made a killer taco bean batch an our house was just a tad noisy last night…fan was on to pull air out, get my drift???

Lying, now I do not truly get why If I tell a lie I can’t remember it… a habit I picked up very young, just tell the bald face truth… so thats what I do an Peeps think they know me, obviously not….

I was told that a person was a good liar?!?!? Now that is not something I would brag about… If I know you have a habit of deceitful behavior, you will always be at arms length…Just ask my mommy an sis, or any of the birth family… not even my sons know me.. but I know all of them intimately……Remember I don’t forget….anything it seems….

Living a honest life is stress free, an reasonably free of outside contact…. funny how that came about… The more people lied to me an hubby, the more distance we put between us….

Hubby still gives me a fib on occasion, a christian habit he is breaking, because he didn’t want to take time an tell me the truth or it wasn’t convenient….an it cost him, truly it does… Closeness is fallacy….. its all about Trust….

So if you think lying an buying into gossip is the way to live, have a nice life… Hubby an I have lived this lifestyle going on twenty years for a reason… an we seem to move further away, instead of closer…. too many lies fill the gap of distance…

Truth has value, if you believe the words you use…if you want deceit………the distance will always be great, in mind, body an soul… relationship is built on trust, lies are never that foundation, to many holes…

I remember….

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