Adult shaken baby syndrome???

Yep, thats what they call it…

Now for me, the last blow to my head was Okinawa 1971 an I got knocked across the room an lost memory, over time… can that be the spinal cord injury??? Doubtful, but that kind of blow to knock me a good ten feet across the room, could have herniated c5-6 an put pressure on a old spinal injury…. would explain why I lost memory…

I would have never thought spinal injury… all my injuries were blunt force trauma, but I did write they whipped me around like a rag doll…. such good christians to beat on a 5 year old…

Got a feeling tonight maybe one for the books… lots of stuff played out to completion today…. many nightmares…laid to rest… PTSD works that way, remember an you can let go… or at least start the road to letting go…

It will work different for each person..this is how mine works….

Will fifty years of amnesia finally be coming to an end???

Margie, I remember…. Sgt USAF DAV

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