2nd Wave??? We haven’t finished the 1st one yet…

Not watching news, been to busy doing all the PT stuff and cleaning…

But I sit down for a break and on Ipad CNN talks about people saying we are in a 2nd wave??? How do you figure??? Because stable genius said so???

Okay, space ship, I’m begging please come back and pick up the stupid you dumped on earth… pretty please with a cherry on top… that makes about as much sense as saying we are seeing a 2nd wave of Covid, when we haven’t finished the first wave…

Not one state or country went more than so many days without an infection… for any of the world to be done with the first wave… you have to have zero patients and would someone like to explain how you come up with a 2nd wave, went we haven’t had zero patients world wide????

When you buy into gossip, propaganda and social media… add a little of what ever your plate of supersition is be it consipracy theories or religion…. you end up dumbing your brain down….

2nd wave… that is such a full blown joke… The virus started last fall in China, it hit us in December and according to the doctors I have seen recently, most of them thought they had the virus back in Dec or Jan, long before word got out about the virus… we had it in our house in December 2019…

Because being cooped up isn’t any human’s desired activity, this virus, will continue to infect and kill and there is no going back… no shut down will stop it, no more quaratines will stop it… no, this virus will do just like the 2018 Flu that orignated in Kansas and got called the Spanish flu… it one day, did just go poof….

History and facts have more bite than social media and gossip…. this is the long haul kids…. prepare, skimp, save and prepare… because this is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better and that you can take to the bank… FDIC insured….

The only silver lining after that doom and gloom… America’s military made the right choice and don’t support Trump and are sticking to the oath all veterans took… Protect our democracy and country from harm… and Trump will go down in history as having caused the greatest depression America ever saw and the world will remember how one sick suedo christian destroyed the world economy with his bullying….as does all religion… bully…

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie….

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