Judge Dredd has nothing on Georgia cops…


click on link of another murder by christian cops…

UNTIL YOU, say you have had enough an kick Romes god out of America….more Americans will die because they can justify their actions as christians…..

Doubt me??? Well you are living with your head up your ass or is it up Trumps????

Christians are the deep state in America an are killing our young people because they are a different color of skin…. FACT…

Until you decide enough of white mans gods… more will die, because they use the fear of that white mans god to control an manipulate….

Sgt USAF DAV, it will never stop, as long as you believe in made up gods that YOU will never meet… I met death twice… no gods, just silence an darkness….that is reality of death…an you cant prove me wrong, I’ve been there, have you😈😈😈😈😈???

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