Anyone know Keaau cops???edited

These yahoos are running around, not in quarantine an guess who keeps banging their noise in a beat up bluish color truck…an its all on camera…

I asked our kid who used to live here if her friends were yacking about these yahoos, no luck on the gossip chain… so as long as I trigger the security Ring camera, they are on film, violating quarantine ….

You can’t fix stupid, the space ship needs to come an get them!!! would you????

Aloha, so over the con…

the truck is actually a funky green color an its been by twice since earlier when it was loaded with the group, now just a couple peeps an ya know what… saying thank you for the aloha is getting us some peace… finally, yep, thats my version of Aloha, make them own it or show how big an ass they really are….

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