Aloha con…???

I have met some very nice people… but, they got paid to make sure I came through surgeries safely… have I met any other people with true Aloha… Oh yes… I was on the plane full of Hula dancers in 2018…. they exuded Aloha…..

Four years, now on five an Aloha is a marketing tool that some live an some are not thinking of anything or anyone but themselves and they actually are fewer in number than those who want to spread Aloha….

Here, out in HPP, 30 mins sometimes for ambulance, police can take longer to respond…this is country living in a private development…an we have heard zero good about the employees or the HOA committee…..

Bullying is old, bangers in every state we have lived in, have had to deal with me… our last place, our property values went up, because I made the police be involved… Las Cruces, NM… Our house sold in five minutes… We are that good at remodeling… What else ya gonna do, sit an get fat???

I have to decide, do we stay here an I get implants or do we risk it an go home next year, knowing the house could sit a long time before selling….

Do I let the Aloha Bullying win….or

Do I play adult, look at this like a military assignment an just buckle down an get this done an over…. an continue to remind the island residents, you moved here for Aloha…


SGT USAF DAV so over bullying by children….

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