Accountability…. naw not the feds😂😂😂😇

Okie dokie, taken me a couple weeks to sort this memory out an tonight I think I got it down the time line between 2006 an 2008… Tucson VA an Little Rock VA…. AZ versus AR…..

Okay, 2006 they found a lump in my breast, so the VA sent me to a specialty clinic an I found out it was an oil cyst, which makes sense, Don injured that side of me in 1968 an left me injured in that breast, that is why I have left side pain to this day, all those years ago, my own father made sure I couldn’t breast feed my own kids… such nice christians to beat on a hundred pound fourteen year old girl….

Eureka on my allergy to Titanium as you scratch your head…

Arkansas VA freaked over my mammogram an wanted to do a biopsy an of course, I forgot about the breast feeding an injury as a kid an said okay, not realizing I am allergic to metal, including Titanium….

Now removing the clip all this time later, not sure they can without needing a bigger procedure, if done within a year or two, not much tissue covers the clip, its been at least 12 years since mine was put in… an yep, every time I get a MRI I have to mention the clip….

In 2008, at the Las Cruces VA clinic I told the doctor of pain, exactly where that clip is… she tested me for GOUT!!! These yahoos do have licensing don’t they????

So, hubby will get hold of Oahu VA an let them know, I do have an allergic reaction to a titanium clip in my breast…

Do you know, I have scratched, rubbed an taken pain meds for this issue an yes I have repeatedly brought it up to doctors since 2008 an got heard just as well then as now…

So no dental implants until it’s confirmed I am NOT ALLERGIC to Titanium…. an I doubt the test will be negative… go figure on my luck on this one…It explains why I fought so hard an spent so much money to keep the teeth I had an the VA sold me down the river, because men need that Viagra….Just ask Trumpie….

SO, PT has already help to reduce the spinal cord inflammation, by just helping me adjust to my new normal… this is going to be a very painful process, but the reward…

I get my life back, maybe no teeth, but breathing an living… dignity just isn’t part of VA heath care, which is why death care is all it will ever be….an why so many vets commit suicide…


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