Spinal chord compression, last note…added too….


click on link…

These symptoms, everyone of them except my feet, were going on after Don beat me up on Japan after the TBI an stroke in Texas…. 1968…

I have tried to get American health care to listen instead I got told an the yahoos put it in writing… I was making it up, it was all in my head an ironically it was, TBI, Stroke, concussions an a herniated neck…..

Who would have thought our moving to Hawaii so hubby could die here, an I get my life back…an hubby’s heart is getting stronger ….

Who would have thought the choice of one airman to murder 26 people in Sutherland Springs, Texas would be the trigger…

To remember Margie……

Night kids, I am done in by todays revelations…..

My feet started in 08… No one could figure it out an I saw a foot doc before we moved to Hawaii an he said neurological…. an here we are….

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