Poof Covid 19 is gone…. not so fast kiddos…


click on link about mutations…I told you so…

Back in March, maybe February I said if it mutates we are in for a long, ugly bumpy ride… well kiddos, it mutated an this time it changed up its ability an is more infectious….

The docs an I confab about already having the virus in Dec an Jan…. an that our symptoms were Covid symptoms an peeps started complaining of all kinds of issues an the stupid moron evangelicals put in the white house…. just condemned an unbelievable number of American citizens to death…

Just to win an election, because of frigid evangelicals, who can’t have sex, unless they have control of everyone’s else’s sex life… Ring a bell about a TV series???? Still think that is impossible to happen in the 21st century????

If you had asked me when I was 40, did I think anyones rights mattered to those in power I would have given you the same answers then as now….

Religion is the “Deep State in America “……

Not politics, not the 1%…. Religion is destroying our individual rights an working to keep us fighting among ourselves an in the chaos, more rapist will be on the Supreme court an God will be what we call the person governing our once great nation…

Doubt me??? Thats okay, Twitter, Google an Face book are so afraid of my writing they barred me from those platforms…. still think the constitution has any meat against religious or those man made gods they use with fear an hate????

Sgt USAF DAV #notmypresident #notmygods

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