Only “DEEP STATE”, in America… RELIGION….

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Doubt me about religion being the only deep state in America????

Well sweetie, just look to lobbying by religion to dismantle democracy, remove my rights as a woman, because some conspiracy twatt got an abortion an isn’t adult enough to own her own choices…. keep in mind I have a child from rape before your bigotry comes out to play… I bite back…

Only deep state America is dealing with, is religion…plain an simple…

Religion, #1 in rape an domestic violence against children…

Religion, #1 in theft of property an how much has the Mormon church squirreled away??? An those cathedrals, for a god they can not produce????

Religion, #1 in trying to dismantle Americas democracy by brainwashing slaves, an all that came to her borders as well as the natives…that makes for easy killing by legal police tactics….

RELIGION…. the only Deep State in America an most corrupt…. How many children raped by priest an boy scout leaders??? How many children like myself, brutalized as if a POW in a christian home????

HOW MANY VICTIMS SO YOU CAN KEEP THAT CLOSET CLOSED???? Trumps is on the verge of exploding….is yours???

Margie, I remember……

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