Note for PT…I’m doing it again…

WHEN I got out of the military, I had been seen by bunch of docs, but my discharge was about protecting the base reputation an I was the sacrificial token, for the base… Rape an attempted murder was covered up….

back story done, this has more to do with Hawaii an the AF at Yokota sent me to see a bunch of orthopedic specialist…not neurologist, bone doctors an they just made things worse…

I am favoring my right… Im not using it as much because I pushed to use my left an the brain disconnect to make both sides of the body work equally is the same trouble I am dealing with now… The way I walk stiff on my right leg, same thing I did in the military….

I am literally back to where I started in 1977…. totally….an unbelievably, back to when I asked for help… only this time….I’m actually getting help…. No government involved….. wow… just wow…. they so let this veteran down, an I am the lucky one, I’m still alive, so many vets couldn’t hold out as long as I have…. just wow….

SGT USAF DAV an alive by no help but myself an civilian health care….

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