Hilo Bay an down time…

Hilo bay

Beautiful day in downtown Hilo, rain moving in.. Hot, muggy an typical Hawaii…

park by the bay
Hilo bay

Saw PT an can barely walk, he worked me that hard… Got to get me a big ball to bounce on, but he found no instability in my neck an said what we heard as a breaking sound was actually my herniated neck popping into place, because it did feel better afterwards…

What I am dealing with is lots of muscle issues an spinal nerve damage from the Japan beating in 1968, an no one figured it out… Not military an not VA, go figure on that news…

Essentially my spinal column got injured multiple times an end result is the stenosis that started by the time I was active duty, rare for so young, but remember they beat on me from toddler age up, last blow at 17…. and I had symptoms as early as 1977…

Its all about doing what I hate most, exercise 😂😂😂😂🙄…. ugh

Time to relax before laser eye procedure….


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