Experimenting on Veterans, Civilians are next….


click on link

Thirty thousand peeps to be experimented on before general public gets it.. Doubtful they will use military, commanders can’t be that stupid, but the GOP passed on impeachment, so no bets on stupidity… Military could get sacrificed, because god Trump says so….

Any takers on being a lab rat????

I have already been one, because who do you think teaching schools use to train doctors???? Veterans, an my body carries many scars from that incompetence….. Remember I am a disabled veteran because they cut on me…. an you civilians are going to be next….

Busy day ahead, lots happening, laser eye surgery, which from what I read, the device to keep my eye open is the most miserable part, eye area will be sore or the tissue will be sore…. PT today, body will truly be sore, but hoping he can feel the area that shattered when the disc in my neck blew a few months ago…. its really restricted my range of motion….

Sun coming, clouds moving in, humidity up… Yep we are moving into summer an hurricane season… likely more like tropical storms…water didn’t warm up much more than usual, so mild summer….

Have a great day, mine….Busy an likely painful….oh well… As for us getting the vaccine, that is at least two years away for us… To high risk when hubby is taking a biologic drug for his RA……

Later….. Margie

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