Cops an Live PD are the WWE…

Now I know hate will come my way on this… kind of got my heart a pumping thinking what to write about Americans or anyone loving the WWE….

My dads family loved the crap, an my kids went with a friend to see a live show… Me, I gag on the stupidity an theatrical or lack there of, for good acting…..

I don’t watch regular TV, so I’m never going to be a fan of what some of you call entertainment….

If you look at history… Christians thrive on violence an illicit sex an lastly those pieces of silver, now gold… an there in lies the problem… you dumb your brain down with anything but knowledge…

When my daughter said she wouldn’t get a flu shot, I knew social media had influenced her with fake news, thank you Zuckerberg for proving my point….

Little does the kid realize, she won’t be seeing us anytime soon… no vaccine…. no family time, period….

I can protect myself from disease by prevention… I cannot protect myself from YOU and your bacteria all over your human body… So don’t wash hands, don’t wear a mask, don’t social distance….

And, we will attend your funeral digitally…..

Margie, I don’t play games with lives, I leave that up to christians….

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