As the world spins….someone slow it down!!!

Got nothing this morning peeps… We were so wore out, slept like the dead an I got first hand experience in that department….

Roosters did not invade our sleep till after 5AM… an they haven’t shut up yet, so compete with each other they are….

Bangers… even with no insulation, with the AC running, unless they vibrate house, I can ignore them…shake my house an I am out there letting you know how much I appreciate their Aloha or nonexistence of it…. a con is a con, Aloha is no different than Trump… Lie an you will get busted… Hawaii has no Aloha unless you pay for it an that is a fact no native can disprove….

Sleep, no nightmares, too tired…body woke not tied in knots, which used to be the norm, that seems to be changing….

The more I accept that christians are humans hiding behind mans god to avoid jail…much like Kavanaugh an Trump….. the more my body, mind an soul feel at peace….

Freedom is not what you get in a democracy….when gods made by men try an control women an their reproductive organs… I would so love to see a man carry a baby, they would fold after the first morning sickness an toilet trips….

So Melania was negotiating her pre nup with pasty christian Trump before she would agree to scam Americans as first lady…

Do you realize the Trumps are the most hated president an first lady ever in America… gee, does that apply to all christians since mans god is a child of rape???

You can’t fix stupid, stupid has to want to fix self an to be honest, hell will freeze over first an since hell is in the imagination of the mentally ill, well, we will be waiting till the sun goes super nova……..

Margie, I remember….

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