Any bets on who is really gay an unable to face reality????

Click on link to see what christians fear… themselves an those who are gay or bi or trans… those are the ones hiding in plain sight because they fear YOU…….

Sexuality is what an how we are born… Just stardust that evolved to walk an talk an become racist bigots because they fear YOU….

For peeps who swear by gods, you sure do not accept his or hers bounty of gay people…. they are after all made in YOUR gods image, yet you want them dead…because you fear YOU….

Bigotry an racism is a choice a desire to be better than another living being… that kiddos mental illness 101…. which is all religion will ever be…mental, because they WILL NEVER produce a god, but the snake oil is good….

Sgt USAF DAV I remember never seeing any kindness or true christian behavior from any human that wears the brand….christian, muslim, zen or zoink…. humanity can’t be bought through religion, humanity is a gift to another…an that is what is missing, instead you pray or wish or hope, but you do nada….

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