Quick note…

So busy for being retired an disabled, but life is work in progress….which the reason for the note…

Doing ancestry an came across disturbing family info about slavery…. nearly threw up when I read the documents….

I wonder if they would have been so willing to own another human if they had known our first ancestors of walking man we descend from, are from the Congo….

My base DNA is African, an so many so called white people like me have no clue, so they teach racism an hate… remember seeing that bigotry first hand as a child in the deep south…

My DNA so far goes back half a million years because of the diverse joining of man an prehistoric man…. an the trail of people have been traced to 100AD… long family line, and…

So much bigotry because of skin color… Never got it as a kid, don’t get it as an adult… I’ve never seen your color…

I look for your eyes, the window into your soul….

Margie, I remember…

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