I have no clue…. Truly….

I told hubby, I always thought I learned from repetition…… an even then, had to refresh, if it had to do with work…

I think I got it all wrong…

I believe if it interest me, I retain all the knowledge I read or watched via science based videos, yada yada yawn…

If a subject has no interest to me, I have no interest, nada an anything I know about the subject, is probably not informed knowledge but, just trivia…. or at least thats the way this injured brain works an has done so since the boob incident…. that makes me eight years old…. first near death…

Hubby was on deans list as recent as ten years ago, so, dumb he is not for a old man getting a degree, an we both agree, its weird how I do absorb an remember stuff…. as if I sat in a class an got a degree….

What ever neurology tells me in August… nothing tops remembering….an boy howdy… its been just that… Howdy doody time….

Margie, I remember…..

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