Hannity the 21st Century Snake Oil Salesman …


Click on link an watch some of the worse acting on the planet…. Lawrence Olivier has nothing to worry about….

Ever try acting??? I used to watch hours of AMC or TMC, both shows offering me a window into what I didn’t see growing up….

I tried acting, once… sister wasn’t happy I got the lead an made sure any joy I got from it was taken away by her petty behavior…

Thought about doing a podcast… Done some stuff for hubby an had him in stitches…but…I’m just a little twisted thanks to those brain juries christians gave me….

I call it my Condition…which just yelled out the window… Thanks for the Aloha as the banger drives by…. been a loud afternoon….can I go park at their homes at midnight an crank a couple thousand watts??? we gots a generator an I got the sound system with speakers an subwoofer…. ready to go🤬😡🤨….an some kick ass Irish Celtic music…. imagine that waking you up!!!Granma Margie cranking it….

I have fun experimenting with writing… 3rd person, out of body an other angles for how the book should play out… think which ever one feels most comfortable, is the one to use an if its a little on the mental side… I may need to review why…. just saying, got to stick to the obvious on this journey….

To remember….

Have a great night, we are down for Hole Moley an the new show… Don’t…. enjoy…

Margie, I remember….

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