DOW has zero faith in you christians…

When the DOW bets on lives, you know the corrupt christians are gambling on more unrest and deaths…but….

YOU kids surprised the DOW an it has no clue how to bet on your lives, because its religion is getting exposed for what it is….a con….

So what ya gonna do??? Run down the street screaming the boogeymen are coming like Trump does daily….

After a while we ask for proof of that boogeymen you insist exist…. like your man made gods….. no proof in the pudding an the center can not hold…. your phobias are showing your true colors….

You Fear Life….. I wouldn’t open that closet if thats the case, your imaginary friend god may forgive you, but, will humanity an truth????

Didn’t think so….

Sgt USAF DAV Survivor of christians worse, rape, theft, abuse an murder….

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