No different than saying Mary got preggers all by herself or magic….

click on link

White house is HELL bent on making you believe Santa Claus is the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny is actually Santa Claus, an the Tooth fairy is actally Trump…

No matter how you write, say it or explain… TRUMP an christians twist facts to meet their warped sick agenda to own women’s reproductive rights…

Doubt me??? oh thats okay, they said the same thing in 2016 an look were we are, Trump blames a 75 yr old man of faking blood coming from his brain…

You can’t fix stupid, stupid has to own that closet they are afraid of us opening an seeing the true person hiding behind the rape of a child a couple thousand years ago an worship that human as a god.. Nope you can’t fix stupid…

But boy would I like to fix stupid, but I am going to need a bigger foot….

Sgt USAF DAV coming for mans, man made god with a pair of scissors to take those balls an shove them up their nose, might give them a few brain cells in the process….

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