Good morning crazy world….

How’s your day going???

Mine started off with nightmares… about wildlife… I need to quit watching those Zoo shows… never had a nightmare about animals before.. so that’s a new one…like I said… I can not remember, ever NOT dreaming or having nightmares… thus the damage to the brain by adults who worship a man made god… you can’t fix stupid… honest I tried and that jail cell just wasn’t my style…

Doom and gloom, you turn on the TV and that is all you get, I feel like I am back to my childhood and we had to “Duck and Cover”…still hear that stupid commercial the Feds did….

When you been murdered twice, shot at, RPG’s go off near ya and rioted against…. doom and gloom on TV, just gets old and boring… True story… I’ve already lived it… now it’s your turn… guess that is why this isn’t really having that big of an impact on us… that bucket of shit Freda says I have, sure smells like Hawaii to me… just saying…

Ancestory… some guy reach’s out to me, looking for family… If I’m right, he’s related to the pilgrim line… so he’s one of mom’s relatives… won’t know till he responds to all that I sent him this morning… lots of time, they see my blog address and I never hear from them again… that tells me they are religious and mentally ill, so better they keep moving on… hate to dethrone that belief… NOT….

Laser eye surgery, PT and shopping… lots going on this week…. hubby off to do his thing an get the extra fencing for expanding our yard into more of our little acre… dogs are going to love it and we will be able to move those sheds and put a buffer between us and asshole next door… he started crowing at 4AM, and all of a sudden, all of them go off… sleep… need sleep….

Have ya noticed, we aren’t going to the dark place anymore??? You can tell, when you accept and are ready to move on, you can tell… you just have to be aware and that I’ve always been… so time moves on, memories of horrors caged and just waiting for the death of one person and the book goes to press… thus the obituary watching…. now you get it…

Mentally, wow, the brain is so clear, the only fog… medical pot and even that doesn’t seem to have much impact on cognitive… but I can tell, when the stenosis in my neck flares and the head heats up… that’s when I get confused and that’s because of the nerves being on fire… like having a fever, but if you can get the inflamation down, it goes away, mostly… that usually takes 600MG of NSAIDs and about half hour later… the heat is gone and the swelling of my spinal cord area decreases… and I’ve lived with this since Don beat me up, because I pissed off Freda & Peggy on Japan, less than a year after I died… such nice christians… so thin skinned…. just look at Trumpie….

Physical… oh that side of it, will never change… she beat the child and broke bones at age 5…. 61 years later… Physical therapy can touch my body and tell me where she broke that baby’s body… the evidence is still there, 61 years later…. so that side of it will always be a reminder of christians kindness and generosity and love… every time I bend over… I feel that christian foot up my ass to my head… slavery at it’s best and christian slave owners be thy name…. white, black, brown or yellow… all the same, if you wear the label christian…

This is a busy week for us and it is gettng oh so hot… but the bangers… oh the bangers have started to change their tune and actually turn it down before they get to the house, but the ones with a couple thousand watts that wait, to a 100 feet away to turn it down… they get from me, if the voice box allows and loud, “Thank you for the Aloha”… another con by the man… Aloha… but it is getting a little quieter, not much, but some and what am I going to do, leave??? Not till we have a new president and new leadership at the agencies and I feel I can trust the science and the people… only then will we be able to move home…. and that’s a few years off… so Hawaii is it, till then….

Have a great day, I got work to do and things to still get organized…..

Aloha, well… how about, later…..

I remember…. Margie….

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