Crapola just 😏🀯

Get a call an come to find out the MELISA blood test needs to be done by a rheumatologist and ours is on Oahu an we are in the middle of a pandemic….. an flights, specialist, using my medicare… we just busted my budget for my health care since VA is not safe to use…..

So, what do I do??? I have close family with hip, knee an dental implants… A couple of those are having issues with those implants…. an taking the risk of dental implants, once in, removing them is a nightmare this body isn’t going to experience…

Well, howdy doody time… get the last teeth removed an get proper fitting dentures that I am highly allergic too an suffer… without the metal allergy test, I am just not ready to have metal put in my bone in my mouth….. this is total VA health care failure…

We are out over $20,000 in dental I paid for an VA ignored my pleas an here I sit making jokes about being a toothless cougar….

Reality, the U.S. government took my dignity from me by giving me substandard care, resulting in current health crisis…. Yep put a uniform on, get ganged raped in it by officers, become a disabled veteran an get raped by the Veterans Administration….

SGT USAF DAV, bet my founding father ancestors are proud…I know I am🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬

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