Censorship by Word Press???


click on link for censorship….

Now I have had someone post my blog through other sources, because I was suspicious of WP censoring me…. an I thought just maybe touch paranoid an Trumpie happens an I tell the kids at Word Press if they are censoring an it didn’t come to a halt, they would be done with my money an those who know me, I spread the word… doubt me, thats okay…so did those who said I would never remember an I did, because I’m back😈😈😈

Twitter, face book an google censored me… an if what I have found already, so did this blog hosting site….

Democracy is a fragile mistress, she needs love an attention… most of all she needs honesty… and censoring is not honest, its Russian….

Sgt USAF DAV… oh dear children, thought ya had a old biddy with zero knowledge??? Who do you think started computers, programming an internet??? It wasn’t you kids😂😂😂😘

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