WP KidsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡

So yesterday, I am on PC an can’t figure out how to add a pic, which in reality I should be able to right click an copy, but it said use ctr +C…well that didn’t work to copy either….an all the crap that came up when I clicked on the plus icon, just overwhelming me with my eyesight an became just a blur of dozens of icons, none of which I care to click on…

All Word Press did, make this site more of a pain in the ass an like the software I bought for block editing which I find a royal pain in the ass an won’t use it either!!!!

And where the hell is the grammar check for this FU site???

So, though the site is relatively easy to use, the constant change ups just piss me off an make me want to go write anyplace but here… I am that fed ip with the kids thinking progress is great, ONLY IF YOU CAN KEEP UP!!!!

So this AM I get up an the Ipad app changed overnight an this funky icon you click on to write a post just annoyed the hell out of me an I am ready to take all my devices with WP on it an run them over!!!! Instead I could just uninstall an write my money off as a loss an warning not to use these sites unless you are a total geek with these goofy apps…. I am not….nor do I want to be, thats THE POINT!!!!!

NOT Impressed Word Press… The site I signed up for in 2017 went from easy peasy to my pain in the ass nightmare….

As a consumer, either you sell me or you piss me off and honestly Word Press has continuously pissed me off, because my eyesight causes enough issues… this site is like watching Trump, you don’t know what will or won’t work tomorrow because he changes it up on a whim…..


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