My Sheldon List…

4AM came to early, but roosters on Hawaii don’t care about sleep, just that crowing….

Have you got a Sheldon list??? When I watched Big Bang, the Sheldon character I could relate too his quirky behavior, but he never had multiple brain injuries….

He has a enemy list… So why not, I’ve had a list of business since I have made money an when those businesses screw me, I never go back… All but one has gone bankrupt… Red Lobster….

If you think you can’t impact a business by curtailing it, you are wrong…

Just like that navy Capt. who is a bigot an got caught on face book, … the ugly always sell themselves out…

So there are lots of people who have ethics like me an we collectively work to let corruption know we aren’t buying it in America, so they dry up…an go away like dino did….

We individually can change the world… you don’t need gods, just some morals an ethics….an the willingness not to be bought an owned by mans fake gods or promises…

Margie, I remember….

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