I told you so…

According to SAT pics of China, the Covid virus was around last fall, an I will go one better, its been around since 2011…

How can that be??? William Beaumont Army med center in El Paso has the lab results from a pneumonia hubby an I both got an they couldn’t identify it… so, they pumped us full of meds an sent us home….this was after the swine flu, around 2011 early spring, an thats not what we had, they didn’t have a clue, just that it was viral….

We got sick in Dec with Covid, Hubby, real sick me sniffles…

Won’t know if I am right till we get antibody test…If it shows both strains of the Covid virus, I am right…

Only time will tell, but think about it, if I am right… I had antibodies still active when hubby got sick in Dec… thats about 9 years from when we got exposed down on the Mexico border…

Keep in mind, we lived in a border town where, thousands cross the border daily… We had two military bases close by… So, exposure could have come from anyplace….

We have a request in for a viable antibody test when its available….so maybe someday I will get my answers…. American health care is slower than molasses….


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