Uh, not our grandkids….


This article is idealism at its best… Reality, why do you think Sanders was so appealing to same said generation… get it for free an sit at home an let someone else work…

Reality, pandemic gave these same kids a knock upside the head and ain’t no one giving them a free ride anymore…

I wrote what it cost me, in the hundreds of thousands an the only way to recoup.., Leave an take my check book with me, an such a horrible person I became…because I said no…

Life is about choices an rude, vulgar behavior from some of them, will, in the end bite them in the ass at the reading of our WILL…

I don’t reward abusive, vulgar behavior an a few of them will find that out, because change won’t happen without work… see how I did that…

Enough news reading for the day… Change will come, but not like they want, it never does… that is a fact…


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