Stenosis or Stroke??? Shower memories…. lol picture added, edited

Okie dokie, here’s one of those shower eureka moments… and the memory of course has to play out while I’m getting beat by the shower… which was nice for once…

Okay, I got no clue how to do what I wanted, because they keep changing this app and I have zero desire to learn it… that is how interesting this site is for me… total dude….

Anyway, I was going to add a picture I have used before, from Okinawa, after Don knocked me across the room by hitting my head…. he herniated my neck and more than likely, that is why that picture looks the way it does… my leg turned out, when I was laying on the beach….

I had thought at one time it was only one leg that did that weird turn out… now the left one, has been an issue for a long time, but since PT 2 years ago, and the exercises, it’s staying in proper position and so is the right… but it wasn’t before we heard that cracking sound in my neck that could be heard 12 feet away….

What’s this with stroke… Well we know the Bagwells gave me one stroke, when that stroke happened, is anyone’s guess… even though I have my memories back, time lines are still merged on some memories and until those sort themselves out, I still have some confused scenes in my memory banks that don’t make what I would call perfect sense…

If my thoughts are right… I haven’t been having mini or silent strokes… I’ve only had the one, sometime between Alabama and Texas, between one of those near deaths, would be my guess…. 1964 to 1967…

So what I’ve been dealing with my whole life… shaken baby syndrome, with cervical damage to my neck and the body was just beaten so badly over time, the rest of the body issues are directly related to christians beating up a baby and continued to beat her, until that last blow on Okinawa, when I got up off the floor, whiped the blood off my face and stood in front of TSgt. Don L. Bagwell and told him…. as I looked up to that 6 ft 4 inch fat balding man, from my 5 foot 7 inch and said….

Ever touch me again, and your are a dead man and I turned and walked out the door and headed to the bowling alley for my junior league and met up with the guys I was friends with on their R&R before Vietnam…. wow, I hope those guys made it home….

It’s is beyond strange how this amnesia is playing out… yes I still have a small section of blank time, what period that is… well, you’ll have to wait for the book….

It’s hot in my office… AC guys coming out to give me an estimate, hope we can squeeze it out of my budget… we live okay on our disability, but we also, don’t waste much either….

Have a nice evening… ours still needs to cool down and quiet down… the bangers have been heavy and hard on Makuu street on the big island…

Margie, I remember….

What does this all mean…it’s been stenosis in my neck since Freda shook a baby so hard, she nearly killed her and Dr. Wollett helped cover up the crime… yep Freda…even that young, I remember that doctor…. boo….

left leg turned out, after the blow, no, it was like this after the near deaths…

Damn I can do this on the Ipad, but the PC is total confusion…explains why I dislike this app….

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