Racial or Human???? Which are you???

I grew up in the deep south… I saw first hand lynching, dragging a human behind a vehicle, taking a switch to a child in play, just because they were black skin… These memories I never lost….

Looking at each other an not seeing a person, but a race instead…. That is your bigotry, with religious teachings to enforce that bigotry….

My DNA goes back over half million years… My family is a mixture of prehistoric man to modern humans per my DNA… my base, my first ancestors were African from the Congo…. I am so proud to be part of humanity as it spread across the world…. different groups bonding to make the modern man I descend from… but all you see….

The color of another humans skin…..

Bigotry is a choice that is perpetuated by corrupt humans pushing a god that was conceived from rape….

Want your life back an America….. kick the white mans god back to Rome who made up the religion an send it back to the trash heap it belongs on….

If god was real, I would promote it… I faced death two times at the hands of humans that hide behind its god, so it can continue to do the worse to each other….

yet, you will find it easier to justify your faith, twist words to meet your agenda an quietly close that door on the crimes you have done against humanity all the while saying god will forgive me…

But will America…. your vote is your voice, be heard….


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